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Catching up on what you missed!

Dear BI Nexus followers – my apologies (again) for the lack of posts this past academic year. What can I say – I joined the Twitterverse in July 2015 (follow me @LindaDLowry1 ) and I have been using it to tweet about new books, database trials, and the like.

Recent Database Trials:


Our trial of the eMarketer Pro database ran from February 1-20, 2017, which allowed faculty, students, and Library staff a great opportunity to explore their content, which focuses on digital marketing and ecommerce topics such as mobile ad spending, digital shopping, & mobile device usage. It included in-depth reports, interviews with key Marketing executives, data & statistics, and much more, with global coverage of a wide variety of industries and sectors. If you missed the trial, you can see some examples by taking their “product tour” online at:


Our trial of the MarketLine Advantage database ran from March 7-17, 2017. This is an international company, industry, and country research database that features company, industry, and company profiles as well as search tools for generating lists of companies based on various criteria. The interactive databases included in the trial contained news & information on financial deals (mergers & acqusitions, private equity, IPOs) and market data analytics (statistical data covering the food, drinks, & personal care markets in 200+ countries). If you missed this trial, you can learn more about this product at:

No decisions have been reached regarding either product. I continue to keep my eyes on the business information landscape for other products that may be of interest.

More updates to follow in the next few days or weeks.

Regards, Linda Lowry






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Hidden Gems … for Market Researchers








Hello, and welcome to a new blog post series called “Hidden Gems” that   spotlights key sources that may be hard to find as they are buried deep within our business research databases. Today’s post focuses on hidden gems for market researchers.

Market Research Handbooks (Richard K. Miller & Associates)

These comprehensive handbooks are published annually by RKMA  (a well-known market research firm),and focus on U.S. consumer-related markets. Each title includes market forecasts, trends, and statistics, and some titles have a sector-specific focus.  Brock University Library has access to a variety of these handbooks via our subscription to Business Source Complete. The titles available to us from this series include:

Finding hidden gems: a case study

  • Imagine you are researching the horse racing industry and looking more closely at the target market.
  • From the Business Source Complete Advance Search Screen, enter the search term  horse racing.
    • Method 1: You can limit your results by publication type to Market Research Report.
    • Method 2: You can use the Refine Results feature on the results screen to limit by Source Types  to Market Research Reports.

    You will see a list of 24 results (as of April 2014), which include chapters from several  of the handbooks listed above including a chapter on horse racing from the Sports Marketing handbook, and a chapter on thoroughbred and harness racing from the Casinos, Gaming & Wagering handbook.


Method 1: Limit by Publication Type

















Method 2: Filter Results by Source Type

Method 2: Refine Results by Source Type

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Friday Focus on … Management Consulting

What is a Management Consultant?

The Occupational Outlook Handbook (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)  profile for Management Analysts provides information on what they do, their work environment, how to become one, pay, job outlook, and similar occupations.  The good news is that the job outlook for management analysts (also known as management consultants) will grow by 22 percent from 2010 to 2020.

The Certified Management Consultant designation can be earned in Canada and is confered by CMC-Canada. There is a brief overview of management consulting on the CMC-Canada website.


Each year, Vault (a career intelligence website) publishes rankings of companies, broken down by type of firm (law, banking, consulting, etc.).  There are several such lists for the consulting industry.

  • Best Consulting Firms – Vault Consulting 50 lists the top 50 firms such as Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, and the Boston Consulting Group.
  • Best Tech Consulting Firms – Vault top IT Consulting ranks firms that specialize in IT consulting or with an IT consulting practice such as Booz & Company, Deloitte Consulting and Booz Allen Hamilton.

Industry Profiles

Industry profiles are good sources for learning more about the current conditions within an industry. Here is a selection of profiles for the Management Consulting industry:


  • Oxford Handbook of Management Consulting (Oxford University Press, 2012). Available in print (Library Call No: HD 69 C6 O95 2012) and online as part of the Oxford Handbooks Online database. This resource includes information on the historical development of management consulting, provides disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, describes consulting as  knowledge business, and addresses the issue of gurus and celebrity consultants. It also reviews the client-consultant interaction and explores new avenues for research.

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Friday Focus on … Updated Industry Encyclopedias

Industry research can be complicated. There are so many resources available, each with its own geographic or sectoral focus. Here are three core research sources, published by Gale Cengage, that have recently been purchased for the Brock Library Collection in e-book format, so that they can be accessed online, 24X7, on or off campus via the Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL) database. You can access each encyclopedia directly, or seach across them all in using the GVRL search engine. You can easily generate APA style citations of encyclopedia entries, or export citations to Refworks, using the Citation Tools menu.

eaindustries2011  Encyclopedia of American Industries, 2011

This resource is comprehensive, covering nearly 1000 different U.S. industries. The entries are organized numerically by U.S. SIC code  (e.g., SIC 2067: Chewing Gum).  It is divided into three volumes, but is fully searchable and contains a conversion guide from SIC to NAICS, and an index. Each industry essay contains an industry snapshot, a description of how the industry’s organization and structure, background, development, current conditions, and workforce. Each entry includes a bibliography and cross-links to other relevant articles in the same encyclopedia.


Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, 2011

This source contains over 100 different essays on growth industries and emerging types of businesses, such as alternative energy,  mobile apps, or prosthetics and orthothics. Entries are arranged alphabetically by title (e.g., Agile Software). There is an industry index, a general index,  and all the entries are fully searchable.



Encyclopedia of Global Industries, 2011

This source provides essays on industry sectors at the global level of
analysis, and covers 125 different sectors from agriculture to
utilities. Each essay provides an industry snapshot, a review of current
conditions, profiles of industry leaders, and a bibliography of

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Mint US & Canada is now Mint Americas

Brock University Library’s subscription to Mint US & Canada was recently  upgraded to Mint Americas. This means that we now have access to company information for 31 million public and private companies located in North, Central and South America.

The information in Mint Americas  includes:

  • Company financials in a standardized format
  • Financial strength indicators
  • Directors and contacts
  • Original filings/images
  • Stock data
  • Detailed corporate and ownership structures
  • Industry research
  • Business and company-related news
  • M&A deals and rumours

Try MintAmericas today!

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Passport GMID @ Brock

Euromonitor Logo

Effective February 15th, 2012, Brock University Library’s subscription to the Passport GMID database from Euromonitor International has changed.

Passport GMID – Markets & Sectors*

  • Provides sector level market-size statistics for more than 330 consumer products in up to 80 countries.
  • Country market insight reports analyse key consumer products and industries for 80 countries (e.g. Wine in Canada). Reports include company & brand share data.
  • Company Profiles: competitive positioning of leading global and local companies.
  • Strategy Briefings: forward looking analysis of global trends in consumer markets.
  • Industry Watch: commentary on 13 consumer markets across 80 countries.

Industrial – Canada*

This is a new addition to our Passport GMID subscription. We now have access to 177 sector profiles for  a broad range of Canadian industries from Agriculture to Manufacturing to Transportation.  Each industry report examines the attractiveness, growth & performance, role of imports & exports, competitive environment, bargaining power of buyers and sellers, and the value chain. The reports are available under the Industries menu – Industrial category.




What else has changed?

We no longer have access to the Country & Consumer Data reports (demographic and macroeconomic data) and the Consumer Lifestyle reports (population segmentation, lifestyle trends). Country-specific demographic and expenditure data is available from many other sources including Statistics Canada, the OECD iLibrary, and the United Nations


 * product descriptions adapted from Euromonitor marketing material

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