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Back to the Classroom


First of all, I apologize for the lack of postings (recently) on this blog. Vacations (imagine that) and other commitments have taken me away from the blog world for a while, so the Business – Information Nexus has a little black hole for the month of August 2012.

Faculty may wonder what it is that I do, other than attend meetings and send out notices about new books or databases. One of my core responsibilities is “information literacy instruction”.

Here is an overview of the classes that I will be visiting this month to provide “Face-to-face”  information literacy instruction with links to relevant course and/or research guides:

ENTR 3P98: Family Business (

  • Researching famous family businesses and locating articles in scholarly journals on family business topics.

ENTR 4P10: Planning New Venture Creation (

  • Researching new venture business plans.

MBAB 5P62 / MKTG 3P96: Marketing Research. (

  • A focus on secondary sources of market research and tips on finding prior research studies and marketing scales.

MGMT 1P93: Introduction to Business. (

  • Finding articles (from a citation, or on a topic) using news and business databases, in support of several writing assignments. Tips on compiling annotated bibliographies and citing sources in APA style.

ECON 3P10: Research Methods in Economics. (

  • Literature searching and data retrieval in economics for an empirical research project.

OBHR 4P95: Managing Diversity. (

  • Finding scholarly research on diversity topics. Tracking news and legal developments. Citing sources in APA style.

MBAB 5P42 / FNCE 4P04: Equity Investments / Investment Analysis & Portfolio Analysis (

  • Basics of investment research covering finding background information, articles, financial data sources(at Brock and elsewhere), investment industry sources, and tips on citing sources.

GEOG 3P99: Geography of Cultural Industries. (to be determined)

  • Researching cultural industries in Canada

MBAB 5P21: Business strategy (to be determined).

  • Strategic Analysis Library Research tips

Just booked!

ENTR 2P91: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

ENTR 4P93: International Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

MSCM 5P32: Current issues in Accounting Research II

MACC 5P61: Corporate Governance


Whew! I have also provided other support for instructors in Accounting, Management,  OBHR that do not involve visiting their classes – sometimes that is the preferred approach.

So, if you are reading this and wish to book an instructional session for your class, please let me know. If you are a student and require some additional support, please contact me as well.

Cheers and Skål!


For a fun video about Skål (or skaal), watch this:

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Friday Focus on … Business Librarianship

Source: Flickr. Andres Musta’s photostream

Today I had the opportunity to meet with a colleague who is fairly new to business librarianship. In lieu of the Vulcan Mind Meld (a la Spock in Star Trek), I shared with her some of my favorite web sites, blogs, and journals. These are things that I read to stay current, and where I go for help, because, as hard as it might be to believe, I don’t know everything! So, in the interests of furthering the community of practice of business librarianship in general, and academic business librarianship in particular, and making some of my tacit knowledge explicit, here are some of my favorite tools:

For help with tricky reference questions

  • Zimmerman’s Research Guide(on the LexisNexis InfoPro site):
    • Tagged as an online encyclopedia for legal researchers, it has lot of business-related guidance in it. It was created by Andrew Zimmerman, a law firm librarian.
  • RUSA BRASS Libguides(American Library Association)
    • The Best of the Business Websites guides (by broad topic) and the Selected core resources guide are chock full of advice and tips on researching business questions and list the core sources in each category.
  • Find Answers Quickly(C.B. Bud Johnston Library, University of Western Ontario
    • Another great place to get a sense of which databases to look in for specific types of business information, with the added value of Canadian content.
  • I also use the FAQ database from the University of Alberta Winspear Library’s BizFAQ and their Winspear Canadian Industry database.

Issues/trends in Business Librarianship

How I Keep up with Business / Management Education

Curious about Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management? Here is a great place to start:

Communities of practice: a brief introduction (Etienne Wenger, June 2006)

I will also put in a plug for the research that I did for my MA in communications and technology in 2005. My project was titled “interaction and knowledge exchange among academic business librarians in Ontario” and you can read the full report online.

If you looking for an overview of knowledge management and some recommended readings, take a look at the handout that I prepared for a talk that I gave at the CAUT Librarians Conference in 2005 titled “remembering lessons learned: knowledge management techniques for building generational memory.”

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Innovating the Library Way (HBR Blog Network Post)

Here is nice story about a public library that came up with a creative idea to draw young children to a library event. Have a read!

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Friday Focus on … Valuing Libraries

The ‘blackout’ this week of major websites such as Wikipedia prompted many journalists covering the story to stand in front of Libraries holding books, as if to remind folks that there are alternative sources (and perhaps even more reliable sources?).

Note to journalists: Libraries have more than books – they have online databases too! These databases cost money! Customers (patrons, users, etc), whether they be students, or the general public, pay indirectly for these resources out of tax money or user fees or tuition payments.

But, try as hard as we might to market or promote these excellent information sources, people are still taking the easy route and googling their questions, and then reading Wikipedia for the answers.

Why is that?

  • Library subscription databases are password protected (at least from off-campus) or accessible via IP address recognition (hurdle 1).
  • Links to Library databases may be buried under several layers of the Library web site. (hurdle 2) . In a class I taught this morning, that was the general consensus (too many clicks to get there!).

Gentle readers – help me spread the word regarding the value of Libraries (and library staff). Not worried? – then perhaps you have not yet heard about what is happening at Harvard University‘s Library System.

Thanks, Linda.

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Brock University Library Help Desk

Brock University Library Help Desk

The Help Desk – unlocking the mysteries of library research one question at a time.

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January 20, 2012 · 12:53 pm


After you watch this documentary trailer for Biblioburro: the Donkey Library (from the PBS series POV) you will appreciate how extremely lucky we are and how we in Canada often take access to books and other information for granted.

Learn more at:

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What is a Special Librarian?

On Saturday, I’m off to Philadelphia to attend the Annual Conference of SLA (the Special Libraries Association).  So, you ask, what is a special library? Am I a special librarian? Well of course I’d like to think I’m special (ha, ha).

Here is how SLA defines a special librarian:

“Special librarians are information resource experts dedicated to putting knowledge to work to attain the goals of their organizations. They are employed most frequently by corporations, private businesses, government agencies, museums, colleges, hospitals, associations and information management consulting firms.”

The SLA annual conference is a great venue for professional development, for making new connections, and for learning about new products and services.

I stumbled across an interesting documentary profiling the important work that special librarians do, which was filmed in 1964 in Minneapolis. Wow have things changed, and for the better, in my opinion. Take a look!

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Dutch Librarians visit the Brock Library

On Thursday June 2, a group of Dutch academic librarians on a study tour of GTA libraries came to St. Catharines to visit the James A. Gibson Library. Here is a link to the blog posting by one of the librarians (Bert Huizing, from the University of Groningen):

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