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Friday Focus on … Creativity and Innovation

I attending the Monster Pitch competition a few days ago, which was sponsored by the Brock University Entrepreneurship club.  Congratulations to the winners – the camping rental business – I am waiting to see what kind of a creative name you end up with, as that was one of the recommendations from the “Monster” judges.

Coincidentally, I was asked by a fellow attendee for some suggestions for activities or tools to spark creative or innovative thinking. Here is what I discovered in our Library collection, and a few websites to satisfy those who like the instant gratification of a website.


Creative problem solving for managers: developing skills for decision making and innovation, 2nd ed. / by Tony Proctor. New York: Routledge. 2005. Ebook.  (Brock students, faculty, and staff only).

This book discusses creativity and its importance in business. It identifies blocks to creativity, theories of creativity, and the creative problem solving processes. Some of the techniques addressed in this text include brainstorming, lateral thinking, synetics, paradigm-breaking and ideation.

Mind maps for business: revolutionise your business thinking and practice / by Tony Buzan and Chris Griffiths. New York: Pearson, 2010. Library Call No: HF 5386 B9545 2010 (9th floor).

This book provides an introduction to mind maps, and then demonstrates how they can be used for a variety of core business skills including  idea generation and innovation.

50 digital team building games: fast, fun meeting openers, group activities and adventures using social media, smart phones, GPS, tablets, and more / by John Chen. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2012. Library Call No: HD 66 C455 2012 (9th floor)

“50 Digital Team-Building Games offers fun, energizing meeting openers, team activities, and group adventures for business teams, using Twitter, GPS, Facebook, smartphones, and other technology”. (publisher).  See chapter 5 on problem solving, and chapter 6 on creativity and innovation.

The innovator’s toolkit: 50+ techniques for predictable and sustainable organic growth / by David Silverstein et al. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, 2009. Library Call No: HD 45 S455 2009 (9th floor).

The Innovator’s Toolkit is an essential companion for every innovator, innovation team leader, operations manager, and corporate change agent who needs to drive organic growth. Written and presented in an easy-to-use reference format, the book helps users understand why, when, and how to apply each technique for maximum benefits and results. The fifty-plus tools and techniques in this book are organized around a framework for identifying innovation opportunities, generating new and unusual ideas, selecting the best ideas for further refinement, and implementing new solutions that better meet customer expectations”. (publisher)

Trainer’s warehouse book of games: fun and energizing ways to enhance learning / edited by Elaine Biech. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer, 2008. Library Call No: HF 5549.5 T7 T6636 2008 (9th floor)

See chapter 15 on creativity and and chapter 19 on problem solving.


  • MindTools: essential tools for an excellent career. Their toolkit contains more than 700 management, career and thinking skills tools spanning the areas of leadership, team management, strategy, problem solving, decision making, creativity, and more.
  • Creativethinking.net.  Michael Michalko (author of Creative Thinkering, Thinkertoys, and Cracking Creativity) has a website with articles describing his techniques.
  • CreatingMinds.org . A website on creativity from David Straker (author of How to invent (almost) anything) that includes a Creative toolbox with tools to define creative problems, create new ideas, select the best ideas, and implement them.

Now let’s get creative!

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Innovating the Library Way (HBR Blog Network Post)

Here is nice story about a public library that came up with a creative idea to draw young children to a library event. Have a read!

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