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North & South Dakota Winery Trails

During my recent visits to the American Midwest (North and South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota), I noticed many signs pointing out various wineries and wine trails (similar to the Niagara Wine Trail). I am sure many of us do not realize that there are small wineries all across the United States and Canada. A recent news story that aired on the  Keloland Television station in Sioux Falls noted that the first vineyard in South Dakota opened nearly 15 years ago and the industry produces a lot of fruit wine as well as wine from grapes. There were 78,000 gallons of wine produced in South Dakota in 2010. See: http://www.keloland.com/NewsDetail6162.cfm?Id=119050

 Here is a sampling of information on winery trails and the grape and wine industry in Iowa, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota:

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